Snow Whitey (squeakyfromme) wrote in littlepiggie,
Snow Whitey

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everytime i get hot you wanna go down

geez i miss sex. but there are some things holding me back. one is, believe it or not, my whole life ive had this intense fear of the apocolypse. my parents would try and scare the living shit outta me and my sissy by telling us all about it and how if we werent "saved" wed get hunted down and our heads would get chopped off. so although i do not want to be a christian, this whole war thing makes me worry about what people call the end of the world. allegedly, people that are "saved" get taken up to heaven b4 things get real bad. so i guess regardless of whether i even believe in the apocolypse, the fears still there. i guess i could just tell abstinence "you get me closer to god". but i love sex! another is that i do NOT want to get pregnant again. i love marms but come on, no more. so in that case, i could go on birth control. which i have no problem with but i dont even have a bf right now. but waiting for b.c. also holds me back from one night stands.....which are fun. i think thats it. i guess ill be fucked though if i abstain and im not a christian anyways though right? i dunno. i prolly sound like a nut job. sex.
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